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We Ask Cabinet to Refuse Approval of the C.N. Hub

Cabinet is currently deciding on this file to determine if it is approved or refused.

As a resident of Milton and Halton Region, I am strongly opposed to the location of the intermodal hub as proposed by the Canadian National Railway. Please know we are not opposed to intermodal when placed in an appropriate area; however, in the case of Milton, the proposed location is unsuitable! We ask Cabinet to refuse approval of the C.N. Logistic Hub.

C.N.'s chosen location is not suitable; an intermodal terminal is a Class III industrial amenity and should be located in an industrial-zoned area with immediate access to a major highway and NOT near residential development. The intermodal will bring 1600+ truck trips per day within our community. The activity will have an impact on our health, the environment, air, water; it will increase road damage and safety risks to all travelling through the area. An intermodal terminal does not belong near homes, schools, parks, seniors' homes and care facilities as these are places where families live, work, learn and play.

Global National's The New Reality aired a story about the proposed C.N. Logistic Hub location in Milton, Ontario. It is an important story, and we ask you to watch it if you have not already. ( )

The decision you make with this hub will not only impact our community but all communities as it sets a precedent for future projects across Canada. There is no doubt that the health and safety of families and residents of all ages must come first.

For the sake of our Town and the health of our community; We ask you to refuse approval of the C.N. Logistic Hub. Please watch: CANADA

‘Railroading’ a town: The people of Milton versus CN Rail

By Brennan Leffler and Jeff Semple Global News

Posted November 21, 2020 7:00 am | Updated November 21, 2020 10:46 am

We are inviting the community to write to Cabinet and ask them to refuse approval of the proposed C.N. Logistic Hub. You can visit the Milton RAIL (Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines) website for the email list and sample letter. Many outside the Milton and Halton area have asked how they can participate. We have a letter sample for those residing outside the area as well. Please visit

We thank everyone for being involved and ask you to share the information with your family, friends and neighbours.


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