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Since 2001 Milton RAIL has been (and still is) a non-partisan group.

Since 2001 Milton RAIL has been (and still is) a non-partisan group. We acknowledge and appreciate everyone's support for RAIL and the group's concerns regarding the proposed CN intermodal terminal. RAIL feels strongly that all citizens and public officials need to unite and voice concerns against this project; regardless of political leanings. This proposed project, if approved by both Canada's Environment Assessment Agency (CEAA) and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), brings with it immense and serious permanent negative changes and consequences for our community. We can support each other and not divide our efforts in spite of political views. It is every person's responsibility to get informed about the CN Intermodal proposal. Now is the time to take action. Make your voice heard by informing your friends and neighbours of what is about to change their environment forever. Through letters, emails, phone calls and other forms of comment to CEAA and CTA. RAIL appreciates that this is our Federal Election year, but we must remain focused on our most important issue at hand. RAIL respectfully invites ALL participants in this election to make the proposed CN Intermodal Terminal a part of their campaign, and to not only commit throughout your campaign but also to commit long-term as a Milton or Halton resident.

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