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Please Write and Call and do it TODAY!!

Good News! On February 19, 2021, Regional Council commenced an application at the Federal Court of Canada for a judicial review of federal decisions by the Minister and Cabinet, resulting in federal approval of the CN truck-rail hub in Milton. Media Release Link:

We at Milton RAIL are fully supportive of Halton Region, the Town of Milton, Town of Oakville, Town of Halton Hills and the City of Burlington in the unanimous stand against the CN Logistic Hub.

* * We urgently request you to send an EMAIL and PHONE our HALTON MP’s! * *

Below are the contact numbers for our MP’s in Halton Region. It is their responsibility to represent Halton constituents in Ottawa. Please call them to share your concerns about the proposed CN Logistic Hub.

Write an email to Hon. Minister Wilkinson, to express your concern about the approval decision and ask our Government to rescind their decision.


Please visit for a list of email addresses (including the MP’s in Halton). Write your letter or use one of the three samples on the site.

We ask that you also phone the MP offices to express your concern. Remember to share this post through social media or copy and email your friends and family to participate. It only takes a few minutes. Thank you, in advance!

The Hon. Karina Gould, MP Burlington | 905-639-5757

The Hon. Anita Anand, MP Oakville | 905-338-2008

The Hon. Michael Chong, MP Wellington-Halton Hills | 905-702-2597

Pam Damoff, MP, Oakville North-Burlington | 905-847-4043

Adam van Koeverden, MP Milton | 905-693-0166

The Hon. Minister Jonathan Wilkinson

Minister of Environment and Climate Change | 613 995-1225


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