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"The people of Milton have a right to say no..."

The people of Milton have the right to say no to CN's proposal to DESTROY 1000 acres of farm land that sits directly beside the Escarpment. My wife and I did not move to Milton to live beside a 1000 acre hub so we could watch and listen to thousands of trucks all day every day. We intentionally moved away from the city to get away from the city. Why would CN not choose a location that sits directly off the north side of the 401 in an area that already holds industrial buildings? Instead CN is selecting a location which will force countless trucks to drive through residential communities. How does this make sense at all? We are both struggling to see the logic!

One of our great passions is to run/bike together on a beautiful day beside the gorgeous Milton Escarpment. Safety on the road is already a significant concern, which will only become more significant with all the trucks. How much value will our property decrease when future prospective buyers start to think twice when they see that our home is now vicariously close to such an obtrusive and invasive development. Both my wife and I have worked for a multi-billion dollar company for over 35 years combined and as a result have a very level head when it comes to understanding and appreciating the necessity of these hubs as it pertains to industry and business. We are also very strong supporters of job creation. However, after careful consideration of all the pros and cons, it is simply impossible to conclude that this is a good plan.

CN CAN NOT BE ALLOWED to steamroll this development into our neighbourhood, create noise and air polution, ramp up traffic congestion, decrease the value of current homes, or increase taxes that will have to go towards more frequent road repairs. How much has it cost the taxpayers of Milton to build the train overpasses located at Derry/Scott and Ontario/Main and how long have we had to drive through the endless construction as we wait for both to be completed? More of these will have to be built at more cost to the taxpayers. The alternative option is to sit idling our cars more often as we wait for all the trains to move in and out of the hub. Not really sounding like the small gorgeous Town of Milton that has attracted so many famillies to this point does it???

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