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Government approves CN Rail Hub in Milton

Jan 22, 2021

The Government of Canada has given CN Rail approval to move ahead with a CN Intermodal facility in Milton, which has left local politicians disappointed. However, this approval does come with conditions CN Rail must comply with in order to move ahead with the Logistics Hub. For the full report, go to​.


Below is a statement from CN Rail on this decision: 

"CN is pleased with the Federal Government’s decision to approve the Milton Logistics Hub, following an extensive environmental review including an independent joint Review Panel. The Project has been approved with a broad set of conditions designed to protect the community and the environment. 


The Milton Logistics Hub is a much-needed addition to the Canadian supply chain to meet the growing demand goods into the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, and can play a key part in Canada’s economic recovery and efforts to reduce GHG emissions. 

We would like to thank all three levels of government, Indigenous communities and their leaders, customers, members of the community, business groups, and stakeholders who took the time to participate in the review process and provide comments on this Project. CN is committed to continued engagement with communities and interested parties as we move forward with the project."

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Proposed CN Truck-Rail Hub Project - August 2020

Aug 20, 2020

The Federal Impact Assessment Agency of Canada is consulting on the proposed CN-Truck rail Hub in Milton until August 21. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Federal Cabinet if necessary, will make their decisions by September 23. Now is the time to act. Make your voice heard. The health and safety of Halton residents is not work risking. 


Over the past 20 years, Halton has put in place strict land-use planning policies to accommodate provincially mandated growth of the Region, this approach has made Halton a desirable Region to live. 


Halton’s planning and environmental policies have been developed over many years through conversations with the community to support the creation of desirable neighbourhoods while maintaining a high quality physical environment. 


The effects of CN’s proposed rail hub project put Halton residents at risk. The proposal would create a new freight facility that would bring 1,600 truck trips daily to and from the proposed site that is adjacent to a thriving residential community in Milton. 


The Federal environmental review panel that was tasked to review CN’s proposal concluded that the project would increase the exposure of Halton residents to their pollutants, which are unsafe at any level of exposure and create significant effects on air quality and human health. These impacts to air quality and human health are unprecedented. In the more than 100 panel reviews since 1973, no Panel has ever made a finding of significant adverse effects on human health. 


Nor has any federal decision-maker ever concluded that significant adverse effects on human health are justified. The Panel identified six potentially significant adverse effects on human and environmental health as well as a risk for at least 16 additional potentially adverse effects, including the impact of noise on residential communities. 


The project will have negative impacts on traffic congestion and Regional road infrastructure from 1,600 truck trips daily to and from the proposed location. Recognizing all these impacts, the Panel recommended over 200 measures to mitigate impacts on the community. 


The problem is that many of these mitigation measures cannot be enforced by the federal government. If these mitigation measures are not implemented by CN, the adverse effects on environmental and human health could be far worse than predicted by the Panel. 


So far, CN has only disclosed its plans for a third of the 1,200-acre site. Expansion of the site would increase the effects on health, traffic, safety and the environment.


Here’s the bottom line: Approving this project would send the message that the health and safety of Halton residents is worth risking. 


We call on the Federal Government to do the right thing and refuse the approval of CN’s proposal. With a decision on this proposed project expected by the federal Cabinet in September, now is the time to act and make your voice heard. We need you to call your member of Parliament and tell them that the health of Halton residents matters. 


For more information and to find out how you can get involved, visit

Proposed CN Truck-Rail Hub Project

Mar 10, 2020

On January 27, 2020, the CEAA Review Panel released its report on CN’s proposed truck-rail hub in Milton. The proposed project is an outdoor truck-rail transfer facility on 400 acres that will operate 24/7 within one km of almost 34,000 residents. The Federal Review Panel reached the unprecedented conclusion that the project is likely to cause significant effects on human health that cannot be mitigated. 


The Halton Municipalities are calling on the Federal Cabinet to do the right thing and refuse approval for this project in the proposed location. 


For more information about CN’s proposed truck-rail project, visit

Decision on CN Logistics Hub in Milton extended

Oct 9, 2020

The Federal Government was supposed to decide whether a CN Rail Intermodel Logistics Hub should be built in the Milton on Sept. 23. However, the decision has been extended another 90 days. For more details and a timeline on the proposal, go to

Michael Chong's Question to the Prime Minister on the CN Logistics Hub

Jun 24, 2020


In February, Michael asked a question in the House of Commons about the CN Logistics Hub, and the impacts related to it, to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 


"This week, I asked Prime Minister Trudeau what his government’s position is on the proposed CN truck-rail hub in Milton. 


The people of Halton Region – Milton, Oakville, Burlington & Halton Hills - would like an answer." 


Credit: The House of Commons

More public input needed in proposed CN Logistics Hub in Milton

July 8, 2020


The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada is now inviting the public and indigenous groups to comment further on the proposed CN Rail Logistics Hub in Milton. 


CN spokesperson, Jonathan Abecassis, released this statement regarding the release of the draft conditions and the public comment period being overseen by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada: 


“CN’s proposed Milton Logistics Hub is a critical investment in Canada’s economy. The Project will improve the fluidity and stability of Canada’s essential supply chain by adding greater capacity to the rapidly-growing Greater Toronto Hamilton Area. It is also important trade-enabling infrastructure, providing the much needed destination capacity to match the $450M of investments made by the current government under the National Trade Corridors Fund to increase capacity at the Port of Vancouver and the Port of Prince Rupert. CN has been consulting on this project since it was first announced in March of 2015, and we are continuing to meaningfully participate in this latest step of the review process. The company is pleased to have reached the stage of the release of the draft conditions and the associated public comment period, and is actively reviewing the draft conditions and will be providing its feedback to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.” 


Links: To submit your input, click​. Halton Region's website with a timeline overview of the project at​. CN Rail's website with the project details at​.

Ottawa Press Conference | Announcement regarding CN’s proposed Truck-Rail Hub in Milton

Mar 10, 2020

On Tuesday, March 10, the Halton Municipalities met with the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, to voice their strong concerns about the location of CN’s proposed truck-rail hub in Milton and request that the Federal Government refuse approval of CN’s proposal. The Mayors spoke at a media conference in Ottawa alongside Milton MP Adam van Koeverden to show a collective and strong voice on this issue. The Mayors also met with the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, The Honourable Anita Anand. 


By sharing this information in their meetings with officials in Ottawa, the Halton Municipalities know that Federal Cabinet has enough information to refuse the project at this proposed location. The Halton Municipalities also have a meeting scheduled with The Honourable Johnathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, at the end of March. A decision by the Federal Government is expected by June 2020. 


For more information about CN’s proposal, including a video from today’s media conference and the Halton Municipalities’ position on this project, please visit

CN’s proposed truck-rail hub

Jun 19, 2019

CN is proposing to build a new 400 acre truck-rail hub in the Town of Milton. The site is within 1km of 34,000 current and future residents, 12 schools, 2 LTCs and 1 hospital. CN plans to operate the site 24/7, resulting in 1,600 truck trips to and from the site each day. 


The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Review Panel is holding a Public Hearing to hear concerns from interested parties about the proposed project. The Halton Municipalities will be bringing forward our concerns and expert opinions to the Panel at sessions throughout the Hearing period. The Halton Municipalities will demonstrate the impacts to traffic, health, safety, the environment and employment. 


The Halton Municipalities remain united and will continue to ensure Halton residents’ concerns are heard. For more information about CN’s proposed truck-rail project, visit

Town of Milton Public Meeting on CN

Apr 6, 2018

Milton Councillors Zeeshan Hamid, Rob Duvall, and Mike Cluett hosts a public meeting to update residents of the impacts CN's proposed intermodal hub will have on the community.

Press Conference | Announcement on proposed CN project in Milton

Feb 21, 2018

On February 21, 2018 Halton Municipalities are making an important announcement related to the proposed CN 400 acre truck-rail project in Milton.

Proposed CN truck-rail project

Feb 21, 2018

CN is proposing a new 400 acres truck-rail hub in the Town of Milton. CN has claimed that municipal and provincial regulations do not apply. Halton Municipalities reject that view. 

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