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About Milton RAIL


RAIL: Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines 


RAIL was originally formed in 2001 by a group of concerned residents who are immediately affected by Canadian National Rail's proposal to construct an Intermodal Terminal in Milton. We quickly realized the potential impact this would have to Milton and Halton Region. The group rallied together and researched intermodal terminals in North America and their impacts to the environment, health and safety and the local communities. RAIL would like the public to be aware of the resulting hazards and effects this site could have to the entire area. We feel this includes ALL of Halton Region.


The recent announcement of CN's intention to build an intermodal terminal, now rebranded as a "Logistics Hub" was somewhat of a surprise as CN had announced in 2008 that they had no longer intended to build the terminal in Milton.  We must say that in the back of our minds the concern of them coming back was always there, and now they are back. We still feel this will have a tremendous negative impact to Milton and Halton Region. It will perhaps have an even greater impact as our beautiful community has grown substantially. The official plans of the Town and Region have been revised to plan for growth BUT NOT to accommodate this terminal.  


Development of the
Proposed Milton Intermodal Terminal by
CN will affect YOU
Your Family, Friends & Neighbours


Canadian National Rail is proposing to build an Intermodal Terminal to be located in the southern part of Milton. This facility is expected to be up and running by the end of 2017*.  It would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year! 


*To date (March 20, 2015), CN has not made an application to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). However this application could be made at any time. CN has not informed us as to when they will be submitting to the CTA. We will update you when CN's application is made to the CTA.  Milton RAIL is still doing research to look at the impacts that may arise with the development of CN's proposed intermodal terminal.


We urge to read the information on this site and attend meetings. We invite you to read the sample letters provided on this site. Feel free to copy these letters or re-write your own, in either case please be sure to send them to your elected officials. Any letters sent to Ottawa may be sent postage free. You voice matters and your letters count. When possible please send letters as they do have a greater impact than e-mails or phone calls.  


Our concerns include increased:

  • Water Pollution & Potential Water Depletion

  • Traffic Increase - 1500+ Trucks Daily to Start! The numbers reported from CN are inconsistent.

  • Noise, Light Trespass & Air Pollution, Emissions, Dust and Particulates

  • Traffic Safety Concerns

  • Safety Concerns regarding response time from EMS responders

  • Damage to our local road for which the taxpayers will need to pay for repairs


CN's proposal for this facility includes:

  • Development of land for Class III Industrial purpose

  • Using a 1000 acre parcel of land zoned for other use by Milton's official plan for preliminary construction of a 400 acre Intermodal Rail Terminal.

  • Concerns towards future expansion of the yard

  • Concerns with the type of business it will draw to it

  • 1500+ Trucks Daily to Start! The numbers reported from CN are inconsistent.

  • Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year (24/7/365)


This is contrary to:

  • Halton's Regional Plan

  • Milton's Official Plan


To obtain the required track length CN may:

  • Close Lowerbase Line at Tremaine Road


Lasting impacts of this development...

  • Negative impact to your Health and Safety now and for future generations

  • 1500+ trucks each day using the roads YOU drive on (our understanding is CN has no control over the drivers routes)

  • Traffic Gridlock; measureable increase in traffic volume, resulting potential for in more accidents and increased commuting times

  • Intense truck traffic, congestion with a dramatic increase of diesel emissions (a Class I carcinogen), dust and particulate matter

  • An increase in response times for emergency vehicles with road closures and traffic jams

  • Air, noise, light & litter pollution increase

  • Substantial road deterioration for which taxpayers will be responsible to maintain $$$$$

  • Potential decrease in property values

  • Impacts on tourism in Milton and the Niagara Escarpment


“I am very concerned with the pollution from a 1000+ trucks idling in our town. This is located near residential development, I am very concerned for my family, especially my children!!”

Maria Huber, Milton

"I can't believe that CN can do this without approval from the Town or the Region.”

Melissa Bubs, Milton

Since 2001 Milton RAIL has been (and still is) a non-partisan group.


Since 2001 Milton RAIL has been (and still is) a non-partisan group. We acknowledge and appreciate everyone's support for RAIL and the group's concerns regarding the proposed CN intermodal terminal.

RAIL feels strongly that all citizens and public officials need to unite and voice concerns against this project; regardless of political leanings. This proposed project, if approved by both Canada's Environment Assessment Agency (CEAA) and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), brings with it immense and serious permanent negative changes and consequences for our community. We can support each other and not divide our efforts in spite of political views.

It is every person's responsibility to get informed about the CN Intermodal proposal. Now is the time to take action. Make your voice heard by informing your friends and neighbours of what is about to change their environment forever. Through letters, emails, phone calls and other forms of comment to CEAA and CTA.

RAIL appreciates that this is our Federal Election year, but we must remain focused on our most important issue at hand. RAIL respectfully invites ALL participants in this election to make the proposed CN Intermodal Terminal a part of their campaign, and to not only commit throughout your campaign but also to commit long-term as a Milton or Halton resident.

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