Rail Safety First is a coalition of citizens across Canada working to increase government regulations and enforcement in the rail industry.

Train derailments involving dangerous goods have become extremely frequent in North America making headlines on an almost monthly basis.

Millions of Canadians live, work or attend school within the 1km radius “blast zone”. We need to act before the next derailment causes serious loss of life and devastating damage to our environment.

**This slide show is from a RAIL.SAFETY.FIRST powerpoint presentation from May 28, 2015 held at the Burlington Central Library.


Stop The Unsafe Transport Of Dangerous Goods Through Our Communities


Why this is important!


There is a safety crisis on Canada’s rails. Between 2009 and 2013 oil-by-rail shipments increased by 28,000% without any public notice and the number is expected to keep climbing. During this same time period the Federal government cut rail safety budgets by 20% compromising Canadian citizens for the economic benefit of big business.  Consequently train derailments involving hazardous goods have become extremely frequent in North America making headlines on an almost monthly basis. Millions of Canadians live, work or attend school within the 1km radius “blast zone”. We need to act before the next derailment causes serious loss of life and devastating damage to our environment.In May 2015 the Canadian and US governments jointly unveiled a new standard for tank cars along with a few other safety improvements. While it is a step in the right direction it does not go nearly far enough to reduce the risk of catastrophic derailments, such as the one that killed 47 people in Lac-Mégantic in July 2013.Our safety depends on government action.  We the undersigned people of Canada call on the Government of Canada to do the following TEN things with respect to trains carrying dangerous goods: 


  • Reduce speed and length.

  • End self-regulation of railway companies in Canada.

  • Take primary responsibility for regulation and inspections.

  • Take an active role in route planning and analysis.

  • Require immediate removal of DOT-111 tank cars that do not meet the latest safety standards.

  • Require stabilization of volatile crude oil at point of departure.

  • Require railways to provide first responders with real-time information and appropriately equip them to address derailments. 

  • Provide transparent information about all materials traveling by rail and accurately report all rail accidents.

  • Require the special interests profiting from the movement of dangerous goods to bear the full cost of compensating the victims of any derailment. 

  • Implement disaster prevention and mitigation technologies that have a proven track record in Europe and other countries.


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