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Milton Oxygen Interview about the CN Hub

Thank you to Ramy Botros of Milton Oxygen for your interview about the CN Hub.

To our amazing residents of Milton and Halton Region, I was at a loss for words this morning when I opened the Milton RAIL email. There are dozens of email messages cc’d to us, and we Thank you! We haven’t even read them all yet but we will.

I want to thank everyone for contributing. The letters are lovely, some technical, others personal and passionate, all are moving and sincere. They are real, each a perfect and brilliant testimony to your passion towards having this project decision reversed and protecting our community.

In last night’s Milton Oxygen FB Interview, we asked residents to send letters to the Honourable Ministers; Prime Minister Trudeau, Hon. Minister Wilkinson, Hon. Minister Algabra, Adam van Koeverden MP, Parm Gill, MP (and more) Details are on

The letters are a true testament of our great community and demonstrate our commitment to families and protecting a future for our children and grandchildren. Please continue to share the video and the information on our FB page and website.

It’s not over—we stand up for our community. It truly is fantastic to see what a community can do together, let’s fill those email inboxes and have our voices heard!

Please SHARE and DO PARTICIPATE – It’s NOT over, we thank you!

Link to Milton Oxygen Interview with Rita Vogel Post regarding CN Hub:


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