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Sharing thoughts with another community

Sharing thoughts with another community facing a CP intermodal which was announced yesterday in BC.

Including them here as they are relevant.

Our government and the railways need to acknowledge the severe impact in populated areas.

The irony is as the population increases the desire and need for more product also increases. We understand that. From a community level, there needs to be acknowledgement and acceptance for all of us to buy local, support local, buy Canadian and focus on what we need and not what we desire. I feel our need has turned to greed, and we are all paying for it through the environmental impacts. This as a society is our responsibility; for big corporate business all the way to each individual in our society.

The railways and our government must acknowledge and accept their responsibility and be entirely accountable for the location. There is no doubt the terminals have impacts on the community, especially if they are near residential areas and it's not at all acceptable. The intermodal terminals must be situated away from residential areas, immediately adjacent to major highways; situated in industrial zoned land with the infrastructure to support the activity.

CN states: the need for intermodal is increasing. Therefore we feel the need to increase protection for communities must also grow and perhaps in a more significant measure. That, I feel, must be the responsibility of CN, CP and all railways.

It's completely okay if you share a different opinion; these are my thoughts after twenty years of working on this issue in our community.


Milton RAIL, Milton Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines


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