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Disappointed in the CoC - Once Again!

In 2015/16 I spoke with a member of the Board at the Chamber of Commerce. I shared my disappointment that the Chamber Board voted WITHOUT membership input or knowledge. I was reassured, told that once the Environmental Assessment was complete, the Board would reconsider their support as they needed that information.

Well, the Review Panel determined "ADVERSE IMPACTS ON HUMAN HEALTH" -- that certainly seems a good reason to retract support for the CN hub.

Yet, the Chamber Board continued their vote of approval, again without membership consultation.

Our Region, the Town of Milton, the City of Burlington, Town of Oakville and Town of Halton Hills unanimously stand against this facility. Yet, you don't appear to care.

I ask these questions to the Chamber of Commerce, notably the Milton and surrounding Halton Chambers:

1. Do you not consider human health impacts as an issue for businesses owners and operators?

2. Is everything about the almighty dollar? And at any expense?

3. Were you influenced by or did you receive pressure from CN to support this?

4. Should we as community members, business and homeowners who support local business be more conscious of our purchases within the community knowing that the Chamber doesn't care about the community from which it benefits?

5. Should business owners take a stand and step away from the Chamber to show their concern for the community and their health impacts?

6. What do you have to say about this issue of concern? Are muzzled from CN to speak about it, or maybe you don't care?

I feel you owe it to your membership to give them an answer. This hub would benefit businesses everywhere if placed in an appropriate location - but perhaps you don't care - maybe it's just about money.

To our valued residents and business owners in Milton and Halton Region, please continue to write letters of concern to Hon. Minister Wilkinson. Visit for an email list and sample letters (if required).

Edit: The ad forgot to mention in the the cost of adverse human health. (It was just pointed out to me that it is not a CN ad, but a Chamber ad. Honestly, for me it makes seeing this ad a little worse. Feeling quite sickened at the moment. They also failed to mention the 325 conditions.

Comments regarding ad wording:

* “for approving the Milton Logistics Hub” - technically it’s a Conditional approval

* “much-needed” - is it really? Perhaps Canada should be investing more in Canadian agriculture, Canadian Industry, Canadian Manufacturing, Canadian business, shop local, support local

* “Shovel-ready” – it’s not really? there are 325 conditions to be met

"privately funded” – yes, a private corporation, with mostly foreign investment, that still hold the protection of a crown corporation

* “Low-carbon” - really 1500 truck trips through Milton and Halton Region - intermodal is completely reliant on trucks, all of which will travel within our community

* “investment in Canada’s economy” – at the cost of human health – at the sacrifice of the residents of Milton and Halton – well done!

Curious to know who paid for the ad, the Canadian Chamber or CN? I suppose it really doesn't matter does it.


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