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After All, It's Their Future!

Our Children and Grandchildren must have a say, after all it's their future!

Hon. Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, This is my family, please keep us safe. Please Say NO to the CN Hub. Thank you.

​ Here is a fun craft activity to help keep your children or grandchildren busy and share an important message. Then complete the contact info on the side. Please fold and place the drawing in an envelope and mail to to the Hon. Minister Wilkinson. The address is on the paper, and please remember NO POSTAGE is required to mail to the House of Commons.

Feel free to take photo and share it on social media. We do ask that you cover your contact information with a paper or your hand before taking the photograph and sharing on social media. Use #SayNo2CNhub #Jonathanwilkinson #ministerofenvironment #MiltonRAIL #MiltonSaysNo

Visit We included two file formats for download, please print on your home printer, as it is a letter size paper (8.5" x 11") ​Download available in a PDF or Word file format.


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