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Take an hour to help save our community. Write or e-mail today!


It is extremely important that we all take the time to write to our elected officials. Please invest some the time and write your letter today.

To help you get started we will be providing sample letters will be on our site. If you wish you may copy the letters word for word. We also ask that you take timeto inform your neighbours, co-workers, family and friends about this mission. Every voice counts!


We can make a difference. Make this your goal to help save your community. 


We have also included addresses for other elected officials. Please feel free to write to anyone on the list. Your voice needs to be heard.


Sample Letters


Link to: CEAA - Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Letter and Concerns List 



Write to the CEAA - Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, with your Concerns regarding the CN Proposed Logistics Hub (Intermodal Terminal)


Project Description Visit:


To guarantee your comments are considered, they need to be received by April 27, 2015. The Agency (CEAA) will consider any form of comments (oral, written, electronic, fax, etc.) so letters and emails are equally preferable. It is recommend submitting comments via e-mail, as the CEAA will be able to respond and acknowledge that comments have been received. 


If you have specific questions, they may be directed to:

Carl Johansson, he will do his best to answer questions about the process promptly.


Milton Logistics Hub Project

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

55 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 907

Toronto, Ontario  M4T 1M2


Telephone: 416-952-1576

Fax: 416-952-1573







Link to: Railway Act Letter

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