Milton R.A.I.L. - Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines 


In 2001

In 2001 Milton RAIL's mission was to research existing and proposed intermodal sites in North America and their effect on area municipalities. To summarize the possible effect a CN Intermodal Terminal on Milton residents and make the information available to the public. We have done this.


March 2015 Announcement

RAIL members were present for the inital announcment of the proposed intermodal hub in March 2015. We made our voices heard at the meeting and let it be known that Halton Residents did not want the yard in 2001 and they still don't want it, we have not changed our position. 


Milton RAIL, is not opposed to intermodal transport we understand it's role in our society.  However, we recognise that a facility such as this belongs on industrial land with the infastructure to support it, and it MUST have IMMEDIATE access to a major highway. 


The proposed terminal is 11.5 km from either of the major HWY's; begin HWY 401 and the QEW. It is also 7.5 km from the HWY 407, however we realize it is unlikely that any trucks would use this route.CN needs to find a more appropriate location. 


RAIL continues to reseach and share information regarding intermodal terminals. Updates, and action items are listed on our website, facebook page, twitter as well as through our private email list. 

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The Voice of Canadian Citizens and Halton Residents Must Be Heard!

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